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My Top #10 Albums for Coding as a Productivity Boss

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Just want to share my favorites albums when hacking(aka best albums for turning music into code!)
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#1: SBTRKT - SBTRKT (2011)


Of course I will start this list with one debut album, this self-titled album by SBTRKT(pronounced as “Subtract”) is a masterpiece!!!!
A wonderful reunion of great collaborators, most of the songs has Sampa contrib in vocal, when you hear the voice of this guy for the first time, you find yourself addicted to it!
Theres a track called Ready Set Loop, I always read as Read Eval Print Loop(REPL - that kind of interactive shell you have in your programming language, such as irb, node, python, php)

#2: The Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea (2010)

The Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea (2010)

Another excelent and vibrant debut album, this one is almost entirely instrumental, very deep! Very powerful, that kind of sound that makes your head explode, and your hands just start typing without you know why, sooooooooo intense!

#3: Positrônico - Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas (2015)

Positrônico - Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas (2015)

This is one of my favorite brazilian albums of all time! Positrônico means a robotic brain with artificial inteligence(term created by Canadian writer Isaac Asimov).
What a futuristic and psicodelic album, this one will make you relax and focus in what you are doing! The album is entire instrumental, and i think that this kind of music really have a huge compatyibility with programming, it’s all about the future, the tecnologic

#4: Daft Punk - Homework (1997)

Daft Punk - Homework (1997)

I have a kind of special love for debut albums, and this one is one of my favorites album of ALL TIME! These two guys(Guy Manuel and Thomas Bangalter) reflect the technology in all sides of their lifes! Can you believe that most of this album was created in a bedroom(the album cover probably too)? SOOO AMAZING!!

#5: Exit Planet Dust - The Chemical Brothers (1995)

Exit Planet Dust - The Chemical Brothers (1995)

Another Debut album! I Love this two guys too, for me they’re that kind of genius in the same level of Daft Punk guys! Do you think that was easy to create eletronic and synthetized music back in 1995? When you listen to TCB sounds like a entire orchestra is playing inside in your brain! JUST FOR YOU, what a privilege in this life!
Play this when you need to wake up and focus!

#6: I Could Live in Hope - Low (1996)

I Could Live in Hope - Low (1996)

What can I say about this another debut album? This is the most depressing album I’ve heard in my life so far! But i really enjoy this!
Sooooo soft, so calm, so relaxing, so deep! This one is for that cloudy and strangers days!

#7: The Best of Depeche Mode - Depeche Mode (vol 1) - (2006)

The Best of Depeche Mode - Depeche Mode (vol 1) - 2006

Who does not love Depeche Mode? This compilations must be in a sacred place, in a sacred shelf! I mean, most of best songs of this band together in one album, how awesome can this be? (The only thing I dont like it’s that I can’t listen to Depeche Mode without singing and playing air piano, this sometimes drop my level of focus, but it’s OK)

#8: In Return - Odezsa (2014)

In Return - Odezsa (2014)

When a friend of mine(Lucena, i’m looking at you) presented the song Say My Name from this album to me, I instantly started to dance as a crazy horny guy!
A few days later, I played the entire album, and WHAT DA FUCK, this is perfect for programming! Very chilly and refreshing, relaxing!

#9: Cure for Pain - Morphine (1993)

Cure for Pain - Morphine (1993)

I only discovered this album a few months ago! I got addicted to saxophone jam sessions! Just for your curiosity, most of this band songs it’s not played with an eletric guitar and YES! this is a rock band(or jazz rock), they prefer to use an single-stringed bass guitar with a one or two slides. This create a unique and soft music style, very minimalist!

#10: The XX - XX (2009)

The XX - XX (2009)

I started this list with one debut album and I will close with another! This one is very dark, sad, depressive? To be sincere, I think the lyrics very sad, but the beats and keyboard are magics! The XX has a very unique and special style of sound making, the vocals are amazing, soft and deep!
I like how minimalist is the logo of this album too! Great job!


Last but not least

I’m always looking for new musics to agregate when I’m developing something! Do you have your top 10 albums when working? If so, share in comments, I would love to listen to your favorites musics, and I’m serious looking for new artists!

Before you go, I’ve found this very good playlist in Spotify, curated by the folks at Roadsec (currently have 382 tracks, almost 27hour of music to keep you awake when you’re working on your stuff):